viernes, 1 de enero de 2010


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lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Six races and...the end!

As you all should know by following the races on line, we had at the end, six races.

Our QGP has finished and everybody are happy. The big problem was the death of our friend Mauricio.

We believe had helped to the gliding community by providing a first class event, entertaining not only the pilots but the audience and sponsors.

We have recieved nothing but good comments.

At the end, we had upto 5.000 visitis to our official page and up to 400 people watching the race on line every day. We are very proud.

Thanks for being in touch and hope we can have a nother GP in the future and why not....a final Grand Prix.

Thanks again,

Grand Prix Team

jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Fourth race

The weather was very strange, as the feeling among the Chilean pilots, who still feel the loss of Mauricio.
Big Cb covered Los Andes, who made everybody to return home without making the task...well, not all. Tilo Holighaus managed to complete the task by surrounding the storm and lighting, making it beatifully. Congratulations Tilo.

At the end, he made his final glide with a great loop. When he arrived we took him to complete his final glide at the swimming pool.

Grand Prix Team

Bad day for our sport

Yesterday was a terrible day.

During the period previous to start, at 22 km from the airfield, our friend Mauricio Perez (Chile) crashed against the mountains. We do not know exactly what happend, but it was certainly very strange.

Weather was not bad. Thermals were weak and not too strong wind...

We are all sad. GP makes all pilots like a big family.

Grand Prix Team

martes, 20 de enero de 2009

Official opening after 3 races

Due to agreement with sponsors, our official opening started after three days of racing.

Races: see results at official page. In summary, first day was as Murphys law…just terrible. Only one pilot could end it, Uli Schwenk, who did a great class of patient and continuity (great job Uli).

Last two days have been great. Second day counted final glide with four gliders coming together at the same time. Just pure racing…absolutely spectacular!!!.

The Opening:

It has been just very emotive. Very nice. Cocktails, cameras, TV interviews (including CNN Chile), more interviews and camera shutting.

At the end we almost cried. The organization prepared a video where the pilots where presented on the big led screen, in front of a 300 people audience (including sponsors and guests from different authorities). Every pilot where introduced by showing images inside the glider flying and making a short comment about the feeling of gliding (about 20 seconds each pilot). At the end, the emotion was complete…we were all winners!!!.

Simultaneous translation into English was available.

Grand Prix Team

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

QGP started in Chile

Hello, finally we have started. Two days we had practicing, with very interesting days. But as Murphy is allway in every event, our first official day had a terrible weather.

It was indeed a very hard day for everybody but Uli Schwenk (GER) who was the only one to make it home. Unfortunatelly according to GP rules, he only got 2 points...but what a points.

The tracking system is working perfect (but only for 10 units). We have 19 pilots, so the tracking has to change pilots every day.

The big Led TV is working perfect.

Our TV media coverage everyday is having us excited as never before.

Grand Prix Team

Outlanding in Chacabuco (six gliders)

martes, 13 de enero de 2009

Almost ready for QGP!

We are setting everything for our QGP.

Jorge Arias has flown, but has a cold. We hope he gets better.

Tomorrow arrives Vladimir Foltin.
Yesterday was Uli Schwenk and his wife. We had a great flight with Uli, taking a 400 Km ride, taking off at 15:00 hours.

Weather is still joining us (fingers crossed for next week).

In two days we will have official practices (15 to 16/1/2009).

Nick Farrell from the tracking system is arriving on the 15th/1.

So...we are almost ready.

Grand Prix Team