martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008

Tracking with Rock it Group

We are happy to have a Rock It Group from U.K. in charge of our GP Tracking system. It will help to have people in the ground entertained and informed.

Real on line tracking will be used on our G.P. powered by Viewer of Silent Wings.
New 3D scenery was made for Chile in order to have full real coverage.

Grand Prix Team

430 Kms problem

Karl and David from Germany did a great team flight today.
Not only a ride, but a great 430 kms each to know the northern part of our championship area.

Alejandro Nielles from Spain also had a great flight in a Janus with Carlos Pérez.

Definitely the guys are feeling conmfortable day by day.

Tomorrow, we expect Thomas Gostner form Italy.

Grand Prix Team

Karl and David

...pilots have arrived and made their first flights!

The container with the six gliders arrived last Saturday at 6PM...

Charlie and David Bauder have started their "Chilean Experience", first flying dual in Janus' and later flying on their their own in the Andes.

Flying solo has been a good experience. Yesterday, alow inversion were very difficult, but as soon as they reached 2.000 m QFE Vitacura, they started to enjoy the day.
Charlie has flown near the Inca Lake, close to Argentinian border having a great 5.000 m flight.

We are happy they feel comfortable in the Andes.

Yesterday we received Alejandro and Pedro Nielles. Alejandro could not wait and made a dual flight to the Andes the same day. Today, he is assemblying his glider Discus 2T FUN in order to either fly dual again fly by his own.

Every Monday we have dinner at the Club where many members join. Last night Bauder´s and Nielle´s familly joined us and had a great meal with us.

Grand Prix Team

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Hot Spots for Soaring in Chile

Dear Friends,

If you are participating at either our Grand Prix or National, you should have a high resolution Hot Spots map for soaring in Chile. If not, let us know and will send you a copy.

The map is created for the pre mountains area only, where both championships will take place.

Hereattached some low resolution pictures.

Grand Prix Team

And we are ready for the full swing!!!

On 2006, we had the visit of the 100th FAI conference in Santiago.

Bob Henderson and all FAI (IGC) members where excited not only with our geography but the way we have managed the relationship with the community.

Form that time, we knew something good was about to happen. Our commitment with the IGC has been 100%. After been invited to the IGC annual conference at Lausanne, Switzerland to show our club, we committed ourselves to be part of the international gliding community, not only participating on International Championships like South American (Argentina 2008) and World (Lüsse, Germany 2008) but organizing international events like a Qualifying Grand Prix on 2009.

We are very honoured to be part of this event and want to make it at the highest level as possible.

To start with , we made at Cobra Trailers factory a Frame to transport up to six 15M gliders back and forth, not only for our Grand Prix, but for future visit from Europe to our country on yearly basis. From South America, we had made excellent relationships with Argentina and Brazil who are committed to com and visit us as well on yearly basis.

At Lüsse, we made very good friends who committed themselves to come to visit us.

Today we are very proud to confirm the visit of international pilots to our Grand Prix as listed:

- Uli Schwenk (GER)

- Tilo Holighaus (GER)

- Javier Gaude (ARG)

- Thomas Gostner (ITA)

- Edoardo Tarchini (ITA)

- Vladimir Foltin (SWK)

- Jorge Arias (SPA)

We are very happy also that before the Grand Prix, some pilots will join us for our Nationals. They are:

- Karl and Davis Bauder (GER)

- Alejandro Nielles (SPA)

- Eduardo Saurin (ARG)

- Damian Goldenzweig (ARG)

- Javier Gaude (ARG)

Today, European gliders arrived at our Club. Our friends from Argentina are arriving in the next few days.

Dates of our championships:

- Grand Prix: January 17th to 25th, 2009

- Chilean Nationals: January 3rd to 11th, 2009

Our web page:

We hope this blogg will keep you informed. Please send your comments, your feed back will be very appreciated.

Grand Prix Team

Club de Planeadores de Vitacura, Chile

100th FAI Conference in Chile, 2006.
Our Club

Our Club at IGC Conference, 2007

Gliders at Cobra, ready to be loaded, November 2008Gliders from Europe at our Club, December 2008