martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008

...pilots have arrived and made their first flights!

The container with the six gliders arrived last Saturday at 6PM...

Charlie and David Bauder have started their "Chilean Experience", first flying dual in Janus' and later flying on their their own in the Andes.

Flying solo has been a good experience. Yesterday, alow inversion were very difficult, but as soon as they reached 2.000 m QFE Vitacura, they started to enjoy the day.
Charlie has flown near the Inca Lake, close to Argentinian border having a great 5.000 m flight.

We are happy they feel comfortable in the Andes.

Yesterday we received Alejandro and Pedro Nielles. Alejandro could not wait and made a dual flight to the Andes the same day. Today, he is assemblying his glider Discus 2T FUN in order to either fly dual again fly by his own.

Every Monday we have dinner at the Club where many members join. Last night Bauder´s and Nielle´s familly joined us and had a great meal with us.

Grand Prix Team

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