sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

QGP started in Chile

Hello, finally we have started. Two days we had practicing, with very interesting days. But as Murphy is allway in every event, our first official day had a terrible weather.

It was indeed a very hard day for everybody but Uli Schwenk (GER) who was the only one to make it home. Unfortunatelly according to GP rules, he only got 2 points...but what a points.

The tracking system is working perfect (but only for 10 units). We have 19 pilots, so the tracking has to change pilots every day.

The big Led TV is working perfect.

Our TV media coverage everyday is having us excited as never before.

Grand Prix Team

Outlanding in Chacabuco (six gliders)

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  1. Increíble la retransmisión de la prueba de hoy, segundo día de competición...ENHORABUENA a la organización del evento.

    aeródromo de Santa Cilia
    Pirineos (España)