domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

Warming Up (The Nationals)

Well...this week our Nationals started (3rd to 11th) and we are very happy that some of the pilots that will attend the Grand Prix are practicing by flying our local championship.

It looks that last week made our guest to set up their gliders very well. In two days, Karl Bauder (Germany) won first test and today Thomas Gostner (Italy) is nº 1 after two races.

Damian Goldenzweig and Javier Gaude (Argentina) are getting used to the mountains by flying what we call the low levels.

Alex Nielles (Spain) feels very familiar with the mountains, yesterday had a great flight.

Gustavo Saurin (Argentina) is allways happy. Yesterday he had to outland and was invited to have some tea near by.

As locals, we are very happy with their level. We want them to have fun and specially safety journeys.

Grand Prix Team

Karl Bauder won Firt Task (Nationals)

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