sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

Finals (Nationals, 8th day)

Today was very tricky. Clear inversion at 1800 meters (above Vitacura). The key...to stay above where the thermals were 2-5 m/s in stead of 1-2 m/s bellow it.
Not an easy goal, specially when passing from Copín to el Resguardo.

At the end, the Chilean Nationals finish after 8 races as follows:

1.- Thomas Gostner (Italy)
2.- Carlos Rocca (Chile)
3.- Alex Nielles (Spain)
Thomas beat Carlos for only 20 points (out of 8.000), who ended in the swimming pool.

Congratulations Thomas, you did a great Job. You won not only the Nationals but the friendship of everybody in our club!!!.

Grand Prix Team
Thomas Gostner

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